Core Decorum


Dear UD Students,

Well, in nearly two weeks, ‘twill be a blessed time to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. Oh, and ‘twill be the season to eat and to over-eat, to sleep half of the day, and to facebook stalk and chat with your UD classmates.

Rather than spend the majority of your break cooped in your room with your eyeballs glued to the computer screen or a television set, try to catch some of the arts and entertainment festivities occurring in your area. Now that you won’t have the constant flow of lectures, plays, TGITs and pleasing events just feet away from you, it’s time to take entertainment into your own hands.

Studying for comprehensive exams or getting a head start on your Dante reading? Remember that entertainment (live entertainment, especially) provides a positive study break and can lighten your mood and your mind. The arts are a crucial part of your UD education: They enlighten, they challenge, and they inspire.

Somewhat convincing?

Now all you need to do is some easy research to locate the A&E.  Honestly, finding things to do in your community can be as simple as pulling out the local newspaper or going to an online database; from there, check the events found on the calendar. It could be as extravagant as attending a visiting opera troupe, as simple as dining at a restaurant you have yet to try, or as ordinary as going to your nearby movie theatre. With the holiday season, entertainment will be bustling just about everywhere.

After an exhausting semester stuffed with papers, exams, and other torturous assignments, be sure to take care of yourself over the holiday. But be sure to enjoy yourself with homegrown arts and entertainment.

Happy Holidays from Core Decorum!


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