Mall à la Mode


Alli Faucher
Contributing Writer

I interviewed Dr. Smith at the reception for the opening of the “Deadly Medicine” exhibit that the University of Dallas is hosting. Not only did Dr. Smith organize and prepare UD for this traveling exhibit from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C., but she was also the “belle of the ball” at the party Thursday night. After telling me how she put together her outfit the weekend before at Neiman Marcus (and after she assigned me homework to research these designers I had never heard of), we talked about her fashion sense.


Dr. Amy Fisher-Smith

Photo by Ali Faucher


Elie Tahari braid-sleeve blouse


Vince sequin   pencil skirt


Stuart Weitzman “bowright” black heels



AFS: Let me just start off by saying that fur is hot this season. I actually bought a shearling vest with leather trim recently.

AF: Do you have a favorite item you like to shop for?

AFS: My weakness is shoes. And bags.

AF: What do you have to say about UD fashion?

AFS: Well, academics are historically fashion-challenged. Honestly what students wear doesn’t bother me though.

AF: What is your style like?

AFS: I dress up because I like clothes, and I think clothes present an image. Overall, the context of an event dictates my fashion choice.

AF: Do you have stylish friends?

AFS: Oh, yes. I love shopping with my friends.

AF: More stylish than you?

AFS: Well … I wouldn’t say that.


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