From Rome: Our final trip of the semester as a class


Clare Mulhern
Contributing Writer

----------Photo courtesy of Clare Mulhern---------- Sophomores Olivia Cole, Brie Underhill and Abby Bagby dressed up for the Halloween party in the Cap Bar on the Rome campus

Buona sera, tutti!

The Rome semester has flown by, and those of us leaving on the group flight back to the U.S. on Dec. 10 have less than three weeks left to explore the Eternal City.

In late October we all left campus for our 10-Day fall break.  Everyone organized their own trips with friends, but so many people went to the same cities at the same times that I bumped into University of Dallas people in four of the five cities I went to!

In fact, I was travelling with five other girls, and we booked a nine-person mixed dorm in a hostel in Salzburg.  When we were checking in, we ran into four of our friends from UD and found out that three of them were staying in the same room as we were, and the other one was on the same floor.  It was a happy surprise.

Some popular travel destinations this semester were Salzburg, Paris, Prague, Budapest and Munich.  Some groups travelled as far away as Norway and the Holy Land.  My group had a great time playing on playgrounds whenever we saw them (tire swings, anyone?) and singing songs from “The Sound of Music” all the time!  We bought Eurail passes for the five countries we were visiting and took the train everywhere. The autumn scenery was absolutely beautiful, and the long rides gave us time to journal and relax.

Following tradition, many of us ended 10-Day with a reunion at the Hofbräuhaus in Munich.  We shared travel stories on Friday and Saturday nights and then headed back to campus on Sunday.  The Rome staff hosted a Halloween party in the Cap Bar that night, and some students created elaborate costumes.

Three of the art majors convincingly dressed up as old women, complete with wrinkles, glasses and baggy clothing.  Others dressed up as our professors, the Backstreet Boys, a person selling scarves (“For you, special price”), and Asian tourists.  It was fun to hang out and relax before classes resumed the next day.

Last weekend the school took us to Northern Italy, which was our last trip with the whole class together.  In contrast to the Greece trip, where we travelled as a 110-student pack to all of the sites, we divided into smaller groups of 10 to 15 students for tours during this trip and had more free time.  We chose which tour we wanted to go on in each city, and UD reimbursed us for any churches or museums we went into on our own.

At this point in the semester, it was nice to have more time to explore the leather market in Florence, the winding streets and canals in Venice, and the peaceful churches in Assisi.  When we return to the Irving campus in the spring, you will probably notice many leather jackets and boots, Murano glass earrings and watches, and patterned scarves.

In the short time we have left,  between Thanksgiving break, classes and finals, people will be visiting what they haven’t yet visited in Rome.


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