Dining with royalty at University of Dallas


Meaghan Colvin
A&E Editor

Last Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 16, the University of Dallas hosted an invitation-only luncheon attended by Prince Nikolaus and Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein as well as past and present members of the University of Dallas Board of Trustees, faculty, administrators, students and friends of the university.

The room in upstairs Haggar where the event occurred was transformed into a comfortable dining area fit for a prince and princess. Five circular tables adorned in white tablecloths each seated seven. While the three-course meal was scrumptious and enjoyed by all, it was a greater delight to observe different members of the university community gather together in honor of the royal visit.

Though I did not have the chance to converse with the prince and princess, I finally met the popular Dr. William Frank, esteemed professor in the philosophy department, who shared with me his thoughts on the luncheon.

“The luncheon on Wednesday was a lovely event,” he said. “What was most interesting about it for me was the conversation at our table. Therese [my wife] and I were privileged to sit at table with Mr. Peter Stewart, who founded the Thanks-Giving Square event so many years ago.”

He added, “We spoke a great deal about the spirit of gratitude and the little things that one might do to extend the spirit to our neighbor. It was Mr. Stewart and his event in Dallas which was the occasion for Prince Nikolaus and Princess Margaretha visiting Dallas. For me Mr. Stewart is a model of the excellent businessman who is a genuine philanthropist.”

Stephanie Templeton, special assistant to President Thomas Keefe, said in regards to the luncheon as a whole, “I think it went beautifully. It was a wonderful opportunity for select members of our community to welcome the prince and princess to campus,” she said. “Those that sat with the prince and princess in particular had a good time discussing topics such as children, skiing and traveling.”


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