Dallas hotspot: Stratos


Meaghan Colvin
Arts and Entertainment Editor

Stratos Global Greek Taverna’s bright blue-and-white facade, though a bit of an eyesore, invites former Romers (and other travelers alike) to try a taste of Greece on Northwest Highway. Before you walk into the joint to get your fill of Greek gourmet, take a look around the spacious patio, complete with water treatments, a variety of plants and an upper level deck.

The interior had a … unique ambience, I admit. I know of very few restaurants – let alone Greek restaurants – that can pull off leopard carpet. “There’s a Greek slideshow playing, which is nice for UD students to watch and reminisce that 10 day trip in Greece,” senior Derek Yoder noted. With plenty of booths and tables and dim lighting, this place has a wide open space for dancing; once nighttime rolls around, the restaurant morphs into a buzzing nightclub, complete with belly dancers and a DJ.

While I missed out on the Dionysian dancing festivities, I definitely enjoyed the cuisine from mezethes to dessert. Start off with an appetizer or three. I’d recommend the hummus and pita bread or the Spanakopita, a classic Greek dish that delectably combines spinach, onions and feta cheese in flaky phyllo dough. Most entrees range from $10-$15, but don’t fret about burning a hole in your wallet: this restaurant offers regular specials, including half-price dinner on Mondays and Tuesdays. Avoid all the Mexican food (and there’s a surprisingly large amount on the menu) and try out the Greek classics. “Mom’s Moussaka” tastes like it came from Mount Olympos itself, and the authentic gyros (a recipe from Nafpaktos, Greece) paired with flavorful fries seems to be the most popular item on the menu.  Finish the meal with Aphrodite’s chocolate passion or the Kastro baklava. Warning: After a Greek feast this large, your pants may feel a pinch too tight so you may want to split the sweet with a friend.

Save some room if you’re 21 or older by celebrating Stratos’ 10th anniversary with affordable libations. Try out a margarita for $1.50, or enjoy a domestic beer or a well drink for just $2.50 during their daily Happy Hour (4-9 p.m.), or savor half-price wines by the glass or bottle after 5 p.m. Wednesdays and Sundays.
So, although the building and its surroundings may be borderline sketchy – as if that’s stopped college students in the past – if you’re craving traditional Greek food, give Stratos Global Greek Taverna a try. As the owner Nick Rizos says, “You love it, baby!”


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