UD volleyball: senior highlight


Danielle Fuchs
Contributing Writer

---------------------Photo by James Marks--------------------- Seniors Rachel MacGillivray, Danielle Fuchs and Liz Baska pose for their Senior Night photo.

The University of Dallas volleyball program has made great strides in the last four years.  Much of this growth can be attributed to the dedication of the team’s graduating seniors.  Two of the seniors, Elizabeth Baska and Danielle Fuchs, have been with the program since their freshman year.  Three years ago, Baska and Fuchs were starting freshmen on the court and contributed to the team’s great chemistry.  In addition to graduating these four-year letter winners, Rachel MacGillivray will be graduating this year. MacGillivray played for the team for the past two years.  These seniors have devoted much time and energy, and have shown great passion throughout their time with the UD volleyball program.

Rachel MacGillivray came to the volleyball program in her junior year at UD.  She jumped into the season full throttle with weekly practices and travel on the weekends.  In addition to bringing positivity and happiness to the team, MacGillivray learned quickly to be a threat as middle blocker.  She adjusted well to the speed of the game and was always ready to help the Crusaders.

When asked to reflect on her volleyball career at UD, MacGillivray said, “Volleyball has been a huge part of my last two years at UD, but what I will remember most is how the team has really been a second family.  Everyone supports each other both on and off the court, and that is what makes UD volleyball so great!”

Elizabeth Baska has been with the program since she entered as a freshman.  Baska has always had a contagious excitement for volleyball and her teammates.  Her determination to make plays always motivated her teammates.  In addition to being a huge contributor to the attitude on the court, Baska was a huge utility player for the Crusaders.  She played outside hitter her freshman year, middle blocker for her sophomore and junior years, and switched back to outside hitter in the middle of her senior year.  Baska has repeatedly shown selflessness, always acting
for the good of the team.

With an end to a successful volleyball career at UD, Baska gives her last thoughts: “Being a part of the UD volleyball program for the past four years has been a giant blessing to me.  Not only have I transformed as a player, but I’ve learned numerous life lessons – from time management to how to cook for 14 hungry girls. But by far the most important thing I’ll take away from my experience here are the relationships. Through the good times and the bad, all of my teammates, past and present, have come together and supported one another, trying as best we can to lighten the load for each other on and off the court. I love this game and am sad to be ending my athletic career, but I take heart in the fact that the amazing women that I’ve met and developed friendships with will continue to be a part of my life.”

Danielle Fuchs has also been with the program since she began her freshman year at UD.  Fuchs always played with drive and passion, motivating her teammates.  When she arrived at UD, Fuchs had played middle blocker for the entirety of her volleyball career.  She then trained as a right side hitter and played this position for the remainder of her career.

Here are my final words on my volleyball career at the University of Dallas: “UD volleyball has been an incredible experience the last four years.  I have learned numerous life lessons, and my teammates are some of my closest friends.  I have gained a lifetime of memories and will celebrate our success and accomplishments for the rest of my life.  We may not have won every game, but we always played with passion and for each other and that is what makes a team a family. OHANA.”

Playing volleyball at UD has been a huge part of the graduating seniors’ lives.  They have given so much to create a successful program at the University of Dallas.  Although their four years of collegiate athletics has come to an end, the seniors will graduate in May and have a lifetime of success with other passions and hobbies.  Congratulations, UD volleyball seniors, on all that you have accomplished!


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