Rugby falls to Stephen F. Austin College


Nick Carabello
Contributing Writer

This weekend the University of Dallas Rugby Football Club played against the Stephen F. Austin College Rugby Club in Nacogdoches, Texas. The Hoggies began the game strong in the first half. The Groundhogs kept the ball on the SFA side of the field for a solid 20 minutes. UD drove the ball relentlessly and tirelessly against the SFA defense, but were unable to make the few necessary meters for points.

Two weeks prior, SFA had owned every scrum and lineout during the game. UD reversed this last weekend and maintained steady possession of the ball, punishing SFA for every penalty they incurred. SFA still dominated the rucks, using their advantage in size to bowl over most of the ones that were set up. Despite this advantage, the Hoggies still held their ground, demonstrating to SFA a total lack of fear, tackling opponents at least twice their size and forcing the ball to a stop only a few feet from the rucks themselves. Despite this tenacity, SFA managed to break away and catch the UD defense out of position and score a try.

The University of Dallas kicked off, and then, by sheer bad luck and one missed tackle, SFA managed to drive the ball down for a second try, just minutes after their first. Such a thing disheartens a team, breaks down their confidence and morale, but not the Groundhogs. UD recovered and pushed SFA back to their try zone a second time where Patrick “No A/C” Rowles crushed in a try.

At the beginning of the second half, the Groundhogs came out strong again and held SFA to the pitch’s center. Later on, however, UD was not so fortunate, when SFA wore them down and drove in for a try. Their fourth try was scored towards the end of the game but not without UD forcing them to earn it. Peter “Thor’s Bigger Cousin” O’Brien bulldozed SFA’s defense to score UD’s second try later in the second half.

The game ended 35-10, in favor of SFA. It is often said that sometimes the score does not reflect the game and how it was played. This is true of last Saturday’s game. Where two weeks ago SFA ran roughshod over them, the Groundhogs turned around and forced SFA to reckon with them last Saturday. Even after coming off a defeat from the Dallas Reds a week ago, UD still kept strong and became stronger. They will become stronger after SFA’s victory, which was UD’s first cup match. Next weekend the Hoggies play a home game against San Angelo State University, their final home match of the fall semester. The game will be played at 2:00 p.m.


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