Mall a la Mode


Alli Faucher
Contributing Writer


Larisa Chavez
“The Scarf Stylist”
Junior Art History Major
From Houston, TX

Photo by Alli Faucher


Scarf: from second–hand store in London

Tan cardigan: from Forever 21

Sailor–stripe blouse: from sister’s closet

Charcoal–wash jeans: found in Spain

Shoes: functional loafers



Fashion statement:

I try to find outfits that fit what I’m doing during the day but that also look nice. I like to dress well for class, even if it’s Ceramics; I’ll just turn my shirt inside out to protect it from the mess! I am not very brand-conscious. I think it’s important to look nice, and it doesn’t matter where your clothes came from.

AF: Do you follow any stylists?

LC: I follow this blogger, I love how she shows that you can be functional and stylish in different countries [while maintaining] your own character.

AF: What do you think is most defining in your outfits?

LC: I usually wear scarves. My grandmother always wears scarves, so maybe that’s where I picked it up!

According to Larisa Chavez…

– Jewelry: I heard once, “Never wear all your jewelry at the same time,” so I try to wear around two of the four: earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

– How to shop: Dig for stuff, always go to the sale racks, and try lots of things on!

– Places to buy: I trust JCrew. I also like because you can know the seller.

– UD fashion is … presentable.


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