Core Decorum


Dear Decorum,

Last weekend I hosted a get-together dinner for friends. An apartment of girls (and very good friends of mine) was two hours late. They said nothing about it and provided neither an apology nor an explanation. I texted them before, asking where they were; I did not receive a response. When they showed up, I just kept quiet and didn’t mention it to them. Should I have said or done anything regarding their late arrival?

-Heated Hostess
Dear Hostess,

Mayhap they got the time wrong, for it is nearly inconceivable  that anyone would be two hours late without a call, a text or an apology. They may have thought they had arrived right on time. Since it’s been over a week, you shouldn’t and wouldn’t say anything now, but if you invite them again, be sure you are all clear on the time of the invitation. A lot of event-invitations are sent through Facebook, making the timing ambiguous when it says “7-11.” So, if dinner begins at seven, and you want your guests present at that time, be sure to clarify in your description.

At the time you could have said something along the lines of, “I’m so glad to see you – we were wondering about what happened to you because we were expecting you at seven,” to which they would have replied how sorry they were or that they thought the dinner began at another time.


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