Philosophy seminar to discuss role of Christianity in Europe


Ghianda Becerril
Staff Writer

A philosophy seminar with the Prince and Princess of Liechtenstein will take place this Wednesday at 9 to 11 a.m. in Gorman Faculty Lounge. This seminar will allow the University of Dallas community to meet the guests of honor in an academic setting. It will also allow the Prince and Princess to be a part of the intellectual life of UD.

“This seminar is to allow the Prince and Princess to see something of the intellectual life that characterizes our community,” said Dr. Philipp Rosemann, professor and chair of the philosophy department.

The seminar will focus on the speech that Pope Benedict gave to the German parliament, the Bundestag, on Sept. 22 of this year. This event will serve as a discussion on Christianity and the role it has throughout Europe.

“The short speech argues that the Christian heritage of Europe is important in keeping alive a broad understanding of reason – as opposed to a narrow rationality that never goes beyond that analysis of empirical data,” said Rosemann.

This seminar will cover the argument that Pope Benedict addressed in his speech that an understanding of life and existence that “never goes beyond the analysis of empirical data […] generates an impoverished, superficial culture,” according to Rosemann.

Prince Nikolaus will give his views regarding the place of Christianity in contemporary European public life during the seminar.

With this event, the UD community can expect “an interesting discussion of the role of Christianity in contemporary society, plus a rare opportunity to meet some representatives of the European aristocracy,” said Rosemann.


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