UD wellness: lifestyle and happiness


Luke Hollomon
Staff Writer

This week I had the opportunity to sit down with University of Dallas junior Emily Glick to talk to her about how an active lifestyle makes her an all-around happier person.

LH: Hi, Emily, can you introduce yourself to everyone?

EG: My name is Emily Glick, and I am a junior history, pre-physical therapy major here at UD.

LH: History, pre-physical therapy, that’s interesting …

EG: I know it’s different, but I picked it because of how much I like history, and because I’ve always been an athlete, and I want a career where I can teach and help other athletes to be healthy.

LH: You say you’ve been an athlete your whole life. What is your athletic history particularly?

EG: Well, I played all the sports that everyone does as a kid – tee-ball, soccer, etc. – but the one that really clicked was volleyball in seventh grade.  I played volleyball year-round ever since.

LH: Do you still play?

EG: Not anymore, no.  I stopped playing in October.  Now I just play weekly with friends.

LH: What do you do now as an athlete?

EG: Over the summer I had an internship with Integrated Athletic Development in Dallas.  While there and observing the trainers, I learned that everyone has a particular way of exercising that is best for them.  Since then I began designing my own workouts, and it has taken some time, but I have finally found a combination of schedule and plan that are getting me fit.

LH: What is the schedule that works for you?

EG: Tuesday and Thursday mornings I do cardio workouts in the gym before class, and Monday, Wednesday and Friday I do cross-training and weights.

LH: How has the exercise affected your life?

EG: It really has changed me for the better.  When you begin a real exercise plan, it becomes a lifestyle change.  I find that when I am exercising, I make healthier food choices, sleep better and just am happier all-around.  It also affects how I use my time, as it pulls me away from the computer and that new episode of “30 Rock” and into the gym, even if it’s only for 30 minutes.

LH: What do you recommend to someone who is trying to reboot their physical life?

EG: Just start.  That’s the best thing I can say.  If you get started and then allow it to develop, it will begin to affect your whole life.  It is a long process, there is no overnight change, but it is an incredibly worthwhile process.

LH: What are the most important parts of your workout?

EG: My plan is invaluable.  I always go to the gym with a very exact idea of what I am going to do, and that helps me more than anything.

LH: What is your overall goal when working out?

EG: It’s not as particular as many people’s, but the goal for me is to feel like I am healthy.  I have short term goals that are more particular, but the overall goal is to just feel good about myself and feel healthy.  That is what is really important to me.


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