UD volleyball season comes to an end


Danielle Fuchs
Contributing Writer

When University of  Dallas athletes return from their games, fans constantly ask, “How did the games go?”  These fans are always hoping to hear, “We won every match,” or something to that effect.  When players are unable to say the previous phrase, it is difficult to express the pride which athletes take in their smaller victories.

The University of Dallas team didn’t win every match in the SCAC tournament. Although the team fought hard and played with great passion, their games did not end with the scoreboard in their favor. This devastated most of the players, but at the end of the day, Dallas knew they played their hardest, they’d played as a team, and they’d always had each other’s back.  This was incredibly rewarding.

The last few weeks have been challenging for the team due to several injuries and constant travel.  The team went into the weekend with two players returning from injury, hopeful for solid performance.

Dallas’ first match was against Hendrix College, a team they lost to earlier in the season.  In this match, however, UD found great rhythm, playing with incredible fire. The Lady Crusaders were victorious in three sets (26-24; 29-27; 25-21) and left the match feeling the best they had all season.

As the tournament progressed, the Lady Crusaders faced tougher and more challenging competition.  The team worked very hard throughout the remainder of the tournament.  Each player made incredible plays, some very memorable.

However, the remaining matches did not fall in UD’s favor. In their final matches, UD fell to Southwestern University in four sets (12-25; 9-25; 25-21; 20-25), Birmingham-Southern University in four sets (17-25; 21-25; 25-22; 20-25), and Austin College in four sets (28-26; 16-25; 10-25; 19-25).

The UD volleyball team ended their season in Mississippi at the SCAC tournament.  It didn’t conclude in a way the team wanted it to; they had wanted to win more games.  But it did end with a lot of smiles, great learning opportunities and fond memories.

They may not have won according to the scoreboard, but they won in their countless small victories this season.


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