Mall a la Mode


Alli Faucher
Contributing Writer


Todd Jacobson

“Getting Down to Business with Fashion”
Economics and Business Major
From Chippewa Fallas, Wis.

Photo by Ali Faucher


Hair, cut and styled today

Ralph Lauren glasses

Lacoste plaid shirt and red sweater

Ralph Lauren pants and socks, with matching embroidery

Timberland boots


Todd was spotted walking to school from his apartment in “Old Mill.” Interviewed in his bedroom-turned-dining-room-and-library, Todd spoke to me about his place in the fashion world.


AF: What’s your history with fashion?

TJ: I’ve been through some dramatic hairstyles. Every time I have a drastic haircut, I go shopping big time. I also used to wear a lot of t-shirts, but now I like to look overdressed for the situation. I always knew I would dress more professionally at some point. Dr. Weston always says I’m dressed as a banker even though I don’t think that’s entirely true.

AF: What do you love about clothes?

TJ: I love fashion because what you are wearing makes a first impression. You speak of yourself in what you wear.

AF: What kind of style would you classify yourself?

TJ: I don’t want to classify, but I will tell you that I love heavy patterns. Most people wouldn’t put this shirt with these pants because it is too busy.

AF: Who are your major fashion influences?

TJ: My good friend Ben. He’s going to fashion school and has a blog ( The two of us would like to start a clothing line, if I can get a job in NYC when I graduate.


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