Hoggies fall to Reds, prepare for first cup match


Nick Carabello
Contributing Writer

Last Saturday the University of Dallas Groundhogs suffered a heartbreaking defeat against the Dallas Reds at Highland Park.

At the beginning of the game, the University of Dallas forced the Reds to the opposing side of the pitch. Dominance by the forwards in the scrums and line-outs enabled the Hoggies to maintain control over the ball and place themselves within reach of a try. The Reds, however, managed to break away and tear down the field. However, instead of an easy try, the offending back was tackled flat by UD’s full back. Immediately the Groundhogs set up a strong defensive line and held the Reds in place. The Reds tried again and again to break through, but to no avail.

While the Reds used their advantage in size to win rucks, this hindered them on the open field as soon as they got the ball out. Again and again, the Groundhogs showed monstrous tackling prowess. The smaller Hoggies each doggedly stuck to his man and closed in for the kill, aiming at the knees and hips with cruel accuracy.

In other games the tackled man would simply recover and have the ball out to his fellow teammates, but not this game. In this game, if a Red still stood, one or even two Hoggies would smash the man to the ground. Despite this monumental effort, the Reds managed to slip through the Groundhogs’ defense and make a single try.

The Groundhogs again drove the ball down the field, but were unable to maintain momentum against the larger and more experienced team and were pushed away.

The Reds used this opportunity to drive the ball home, summoning up enough momentum to storm down the field and score their second try. The Groundhogs recovered, but failed to keep the Reds back a third time for a third try at the end of the first half.

In the second half the battered Hoggies played a back-and-forth game with the Reds, driving down the field and being driven until the Reds put up their fourth try early in the half. UD then held the Reds at bay for a time by keeping a stranglehold on scrums, but lost the advantage in the line-outs, which gave the Reds the upper hand to gain superiority on the field.

Eventually they reached a point that allowed them to set up for a fifth try towards the end of the game. Then, in the final moments of the game, the Reds scored their sixth try, which ended the game. The final score was 36-0, in favor of the Reds.

However, this does not reflect how well the Groundhogs played and how much they improved since their game against Stephen F. Austin. The Hoggies will face SFA for a rematch in Nacogdoches in their first cup match next weekend.


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