Letting go of childish habits


Joe Kaiser
Contributing Writer

Trick-or-treating was great when you were a kid. You knew which houses in your neighborhood had the good candy. For some, this peculiar activity was like a sport, with everyone comparing his catch at the end of the night. But, just like Velcro shoes, we outgrow trick-or-treating as we move through high school to college – or at least we should.

There is something wrong with the idea of a grown man or woman running from door to door looking for candy. Honestly, where is the fun in that? As a kid, you were with your friends – as a 20-year-old, you will be with a bunch of little kids and their friends. Perhaps, though, if you decide to go out with five of your friends, the old lady on the corner will think you are robbing her and call the cops. That could be interesting – at least until the cops come.

As a school of independent thinkers, we need to move beyond the consumerism of trick-or-treating. It was socially acceptable to be a hedonist as a kid, but imagine coming back home and seeing your roommate stuff his or her face with a pillowcase full of candy. I would hope you would consider a new roommate. If you are hungry for a candy bar, there are multiple stores where you can buy some. You can get as many as you want, and now you don’t have to push over the 10-year-olds dressed as Justin Bieber to get to the door.

Beyond the ignobility of this habit, there are many more enjoyable things to do on Halloween other than trick-or-treating. Going on a cold walk dressed as Spider Man should not be a top priority. You could dress up and go to your friend’s party, or go see a scary movie. Hopefully that is what you did last night. If you’re still itching for some more candy, presumably Tom Thumb or Raj will have it on sale for 75 percent off today. But if you did decide to let the little kid inside run your life last night, give those teeth an extra-good brushing to avoid any cavities. Unlike when you were 10, these teeth aren’t so easy to replace if they fall out.


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