Charity week raises over $18,000 for Dallas organizations


Amanda Polewski
Contributing Writer

Charity Week 2011 brought in a total of $18,410, which was roughly $900 less than last year’s total of $19,347.  Co-chairs Tara McCrorey and Marty Welsh, both juniors, aren’t put off by that fact. “That’s about the average,” McCrorey said. “Especially considering the cost of the new jail, I think that number is pretty successful.”

McCrorey and Welsh made it one of their priorities to cut expenses, but were slightly surprised by the decrease in amounts raised by various events. KAOS brought in $1,799, about $300 less than last year. The jail brought in $6,285, compared to last year’s $6,620. Family Day lost about $300 due to a communication error involving prizes for the events. “Next year, don’t order the same prizes twice,” Welsh advised. McCrorey and Welsh were particularly surprised by the drop between 2010 and 2011 in funds raised from the Silent Auction, which brought in well over $3,000 last year, compared to $1,730 this year.

But the financial news isn’t all bad. The amount raised by Airband both years was about the same. Crush Cans raised $1,011 – almost $200 more than last year. The semi-formal dance raised nearly $150 more this year, with $1,050. Perhaps most significantly, sales of t-shirts made a profit of $1,115, compared to a loss of $288 last year.

Both co-chairs believe each year’s successes and disappointments can be attributed to one thing. “It all comes down to word of mouth, hype and getting people excited,” said Welsh. She and McCrorey cited the success of students donating their own baked goods to the semi-formal this year, as well as previous years’ attempts to get competition for Male Auction going among groups of girls days before the event.

Each charity – White Rose Women’s Shelter, Catholic Charities of Dallas’ Elderly Outreach Program and the poor of South Dallas – receives exactly one-third of the funds raised from Charity Week.


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