Successful turnout for ‘Movie in the Hall’


Michelle Baalmann
Contributing Writer

“The Princess Bride” and its tale of true love were the theme of this year’s Charity Week.

With a Charity Week theme like “The Princess Bride,” how could you go wrong with showing the well-known and widely quoted movie? But what cinema could be worthy of such an event? Why, the courtyard of the New Hall, of course!

Tuesday was the perfect night for a movie in the courtyard: The breeze was blowing, the stars were gleaming (supposedly), and students from all over campus gathered in the courtyard to watch the movie.

Precious childhood memories filled the students as Inigo Montoya introduced himself to Wesley for the first time. As Wesley pronounced “As you wish” to his one, true love, curious residents of the New Hall peeked out from behind their blinds to observe the happenings in the courtyard.

Renee Talamantez noted that there was “a much better turnout than the year before.” Recently more and more activity has been seen on the west side of campus, especially around the New Residence Hall. With the tennis courts, upcoming bocce ball court and a residence hall housing nearly 300 students, something exciting always seems to be happening.

The towering brick walls surrounding the New Hall courtyard may seem like the Cliffs of Insanity, but they actually do create a great theater setup. The enclosed space amplifies the sounds, bringing a whole new meaning to surround sound. Having the event in a residential space encourages students to participate and venture to the new and exciting farther-west side of campus. It was a smart move for Charity Week to move the traditional “Movie on the Mall” to “Movie in the Hall.”


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