Search for College of Business dean begins


Ghianda Becerril
Contributing Writer

The University of Dallas expects a new College of Business dean by next summer.

The new dean will replace Interim Dean Brian Murray and will join the UD staff for the start of the 2012-2013 school year. While the search for the new dean is still in the early stages, a search committee – representing different areas of the university – was finalized and announced to the Board of Trustees last week.
Members include professors from different majors, College of Business administration, assistant professors, students, alumni, international staff and advancement.

“We made sure every part of the university is represented,” said President Thomas Keefe.

Although the search has not started yet, it will commence by next semester, according to Keefe. The search committee will be looking at candidates primarily with higher-level education experience and with the appropriate M.B.A. degree experience to prepare a student.

“We are looking for someone who will help carry us through the accreditation goals of the college,” said Executive Vice President and Provost, Dr. J. William Berry. “We need someone who can represent the college to various constituents.”

Keefe emphasized the importance of finding a suitable head for the business school.

“We are challenged,” said Keefe. “We need a strong leader to ensure a bright future in our rigorous program.”

According to Berry, the search committee will hold a meeting toward the end of next semester in order to narrow down the number of candidates.

The search committee will begin contacting individuals eligible for the position once they have compiled a list of names and then start the process from there.

After a vote from the search committee, the search will be narrowed down to about 12 to 15 candidates, according to Keefe. Following a series of telephone interviews, the candidates will be personally interviewed and the search narrowed down to three individuals.

“This is an ongoing opportunity,” said Keefe. “University of Dallas is a very special school, so we want someone who can be a good part of our rigorous academic program. One size doesn’t fit all.”


The search committee for the Dean of Business will consist of the following individuals:

1. Marcy Brown-Marsden – Chair
2. Joe Murphy – BOT
3. Satish Gupta – Alum
4. John Plotts – Administration
5. David Sweet – Academic Dean
6. Nancy Schreiber – COB Administration
7. Ruth May – Professor
8. Bruce Evans – Professor
9. Sri Beldona – Associate Professor
10. Greg Bell – Assistant professor
11. Mariana Zayas – Student
12. Blythe McPhail – Staff
13. Bejing Gao – International Staff
14. Katy Wampach (non voting)  –    Advancement


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