Mall a la Mode


Alli Faucher
Contributing Writer

On Wednesday afternoon I found Grace in her office in the Student Activities and Life Center (SALC). She’s that senior responsible for planning and organizing all the Dallas Year events. Full of UD spirit and an enthusiasm for dressing well, this hard-working politics and history major tells us a little bit about her fashionable side.


Grace Ballor
“Wardrobe Wise”
From Phoenix, AZ

Photo by Ali Faucher


Flower and feather fascinator

Ann Taylor white and brown wrap dress

White ballet kitten heels

A Note on Fascinators:
Grace informed me about vintage Fascinators that became popular in the 1920s in an attempt to
help women stand out with hair-pinned flowers, feathers and short veils. Look for Fasinators on


AF: How do you like to shop?

GB: I have a strict $10-per-item rule, and I only shop at consignment stores. Shopping for me is like treasure hunting. I appreciate the fact that consignment stores offer unique pieces at a bargain. Sustainability is also a priority.

AF: How is your closet affected by these rules?

GB: I try to cycle through seasons, and in fact I have another rule that every time I buy something, I give something up either by selling it back or donating it. I’d say my wardrobe
changes about 50 percent every season.

AF: How has your style changed since you’ve been at UD?

GB: Up until about a year ago, I always wore pants because I wanted to be taken seriously. Then I decided to embrace my femininity and wear more skirts and dresses. I now realize that dressing as a woman reveals to others that I am comfortable with myself and confident in who I am.



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