Energy savers for apartment owners


Grace Ballor
Contributing Writer

Let’s face it: Money is tight. Even working 40 hours a week can’t keep up with my tuition bills, book costs, grocery purchases and rent payments. Plus, just when I go through the painful experience of writing my rent check, I get my electricity bill. Yikes!

All hope is not lost, though. The group that refers to itself as “The Energy People” has published a pamphlet energy-saving guide for apartment dwellers. Not only do their recommendations help keep energy costs at bay, but they promote environment-conscious practices as well. The primary argument made by the group, though, is that apartment dwellers should remember that they maintain no equity in their apartment building.  And so living expenses are purely costs, rather than investments, and should be kept as low as possible.

The Energy People cite national Department of Energy statistics that over half of the total energy used by households in the United States is used to heat and cool air in the home. They explain that 78 degrees is the perfect threshold summer temperature and 65 degrees is the ideal inside winter temperature – these settings save energy while still providing physical comfort. In fact, the Energy People claim that apartment dwellers can save 2 percent on their heating and cooling costs with every degree closer to the outside temperature.

Another 20 percent of household energy usage is due to heating water. The Energy People recommend taking shorter showers and using cold water for cooking and whenever else possible.

Other energy-saving tips include not boiling water in an uncovered pot, turning off an electric stove a few minutes prior to the end of cooking time, cooking all oven foods all in one shot (without peeping!), and using small pressure cookers and crock pots instead of an oven or stove.

While these are just a few of the energy-saving tips endorsed by the Energy People, their implementation can slice your energy bill in half or more! Happy saving!


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