Cap Bar needs renovation


Louis Hannegan
Commentary Editor

Of the many services and facilities that make life pleasant at the University of Dallas, the Cap Bar ranks near the top.  Not only does it serve delicious beverages, but it also provides them at perhaps the lowest price in town.  Students value this product so much that Cap Bar coupons have become standard bribes for mentoring freshmen, hosting prospies and attending Career Services meetings.

Equal to the Cap Bar’s product is its service – fast yet personal.  After all, at how many coffee shops can you have a real, personal conversation with the barrista the first time you go there?

Amidst these excellent qualities, however, remains one flaw – the seating.  Quality coffee in his hand and a thick wallet in his pocket, the happy customer has only one choice of where to enjoy this produce and service: a stiff chair at a happy-meal-size table.

The problem, however, is not that the Cap Bar has these accommodations.  The tables work perfectly as coffee stands between casually conversing friends.  Moreover, the tables and chairs also have the trendy, even elegant, look that many cafes sport.  After all, Starbucks itself offers very similar seating in their shops.

Instead, the problem is that these tables and chairs are the only inside accommodations that the Cap Bar offers.

Like any cafe, the Cap Bar attracts customers with a variety of preferences and needs.  Some come to study, others to hang out.  Still others come for meetings or simply to relax with a good book accompanied by the soft din of background conversation and the pleasant aroma of coffee.  Though suiting some of these needs, stiff chairs and mini-tables don’t quite accommodate others.

To meet these various needs, the Cap Bar would not need to scrap any of the existing tables and chairs but rather simply add to their existing collection.  For starters, a few armchairs in the corner for reading and relaxing would fit the bill – even something like the chairs outside the Student Life Office.  To cater to those who like to study as they sip their coffee, several larger tables scattered throughout the main seating area or in the hallway would be ideal.  They would not have to be all that big – just large enough to comfortably accommodate two laptops and a couple Cafe Americanos.

These ideas are meant as broad brush strokes for improvement.  Layout, types of material and dimensions all remain issues for greater consideration than given here and by someone with more expertise in that area.  But with these additions, in whatever particular way they materialized, the Cap Bar would add to its great product, price and service the proper seating in which to enjoy all three.


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