Ultimate starts strong, welcomes new ranks


Lance Wolfe
Contributing Writer

The University of Dallas Ultimate team (or UDU, pronounced “you do”) has hit the ground running (and jumping and diving) this year. With the majority of last season’s players in Rome and a few of its veterans recovering from injury, chained to a chair in the computer lab working on senior thesis, or performing manual labor in the distant, alien world of North Dakota, this fall’s focus is on the enormous influx of fresh talent from the class of 2015.

The most intensive and competitive tournaments of the Ultimate season take place in the spring, so the primary work to be done this semester is the training of the freshmen and other newcomers to build and prepare a cohesive and competitive team.

And UDU has taken up that task with enthusiasm. The first tournament of the year was hosted by UT-Dallas on the weekend of Sept. 17. UDU battled through the weekend with tenacity and walked away with third place, the highest rank it has earned to date. The experience was tremendously valuable for the team. It showed the new players what real, competitive Ultimate looks like, and it rekindled the veterans’ love of defeating their opponents.

When UDU’s players aren’t climbing the competitive ladder to dominate their foes, they can often be found roaming campus in search of a quick frisbee fix. Lovers of Friday’s Music on the Mall will already be familiar with the tradition of Frisbee Fridays, and newcomers will quickly learn either to join in the fun or else to develop the disc-dodging skills necessary for the average UD student or teacher. (No, we’re really not aiming for you on purpose – we’re just working it out.)

But UDU isn’t stopping to rest on their third-place laurels; the goal is to bolster their winning record this weekend as we host a match against UT-Dallas on Saturday, Oct. 8.  Come by to prolong the energy and festivity of Charity Week and cheer on your favorite frisbee freaks as they defend their title as Dallas’ REAL team.


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