UD Wellness: running with the SG president


Luke Hollomon
Staff Writer

This week I sat down with SG President Mark Kubisch to talk about running at the University of Dallas.

LH: Hi Mark, for those who don’t know you too well, can you introduce yourself?

MK: I am Mark Kubisch, a politics and history double major from Michigan, and I’m also the SG President.

LH: What is your personal commitment to wellness?

MK: I seek wellness through running; not necessarily physical, but mental.  It is extremely relaxing and a great stress reliever for me.

LH: Where do you run?

MK: I take Northgate to Rochelle and do the loop at the park. Sometimes I go up to O’Connor or Tom Thumb, and I run around campus.  My shorter runs are two to three miles, and I extend to about six a couple of times a week.

LH: Do you utilize the trails around campus?

MK: I do.  I like the trails because they are an escape from the city, but they’re also easily accessible.  They’re right there whenever I want to use them, but they also feel far away.

LH: I know that you don’t have a car here on campus, would you say that limits you as a runner?

MK: I wouldn’t actually.  I can’t go all over town, but there are a lot of opportunities right out the door.  There are long runs on the roads and the places to escape in the woods.  I definitely don’t think that you need a car to be a runner here.

LH: How long have you been running?

MK: Since junior year.  I didn’t really start for any particular reason; the experience just seemed attractive, so I decided to give it a shot.  Eventually it became therapeutic and relaxing, and also it’s a great workout.

LH: Has your running affected other parts of your life?

MK: It definitely has.  I am more relaxed and happier, and also I actually sleep better when I’ve put in a good run.  Since I started, I’ve also been drinking less soda and coffee because I just don’t feel as good when I do.

LH: What is your athletic history?

MK: Really not a lot before this.  I did not play many sports growing up, but I’ve done intramural basketball and football since coming here.  In my family, my dad ran cross country in college, so that may have helped me to become a runner as well.

LH: Do you think the on-campus trails are under-utilized?

MK: Definitely.  I only see someone else out there every once in a while, and it’s rare to see more than one on a run.  It’s too bad because I like them a lot and would like others to experience them too.

LH: Thank you for taking some time to sit down with me, Mark.

MK: No problem, here’s to many good runs in both of our futures.
Wellness tip of the week: Try a nature jog (or walk) on the campus running trails.  A map is available at www.udallasnews.com.


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