Mall a la Mode


Alli Faucher
Contributing Writer

Mall à la Mode is back once again, bringing you the unique fashion choices of our campus’ denizens! This week we spoke with graduate student Daniel Carlson, whose quirky style can often be spotted at the Cap Bar.

Photo by Ali Faucher

Daniel Carlson

Humanities Grad Student

“The Polished Scholar”

Spotted on the Cap Bar
patio on Wednesday afternoon


Old-fashioned cap

Rolled up long sleeve button-down, his closet is stocked with them.

Polyester brown “work” pants, he’s into earth tones.

Brown Oxfords, $5 bargain at thrift store (regularly $200).


AF: Can you specify your look?

DC: Well, I don’t know much about names of things in fashion, but people call me a hipster all the time. I’m a musician, so being a songwriter definitely influences my style. In high school I went through an intentional emo phase, but I have not made a conscious effort since then to look something specific.

AF: What sorts of things inspire your dress?

DC: I love old-fashioned clothes. I like to dress nicely for class and Mass. I suppose the 1920s to 50s inspire me. What was casual back then is dressy now. I like the way clothes fit back then. I’m a big fan of form-fitting clothing, sweaters with collars and button-downs.

AF: What role do accessories play in your style?

DC: Cigarettes are definitely one of my accessories. My tattoo is also part of my look. I have Pope Benedict XVI’s coat of arms on my arm. I’m fixated on him as a thinker. I think I look up to him the most out of anybody.

AF: Lastly, have there been any new trends in your fashion?

DC: Suspenders. I started wearing those this summer.


Daniel’s Old-fashioned Caps
Thanks to Wikipedia, here are some synonyms you can use to describe these hats that look like they’re straight out of Newsies: Newsboy Cap – Baker Boy – Apple Cap – Eight Panel – Cabbie – Jay Gatsby – Fisherman’s Cap – Pageboy.



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