Core Decorum


Dear Decorum,

A guy I am kind of interested in asked me to dinner last weekend. When the waitress brought the bill, I asked for separate checks. He insisted that he’d pay the bill, but I stuck to my guns and paid for myself. I only did this because I’m not sure how he feels about me, but now I’m beginning to wonder. Who pays on the first date?
-Just a Friend

Dear Friend,

You certainly did stick to your guns. You shot him in the heart. Just kidding – sort of. Listen, a guy asked you to dinner. Since he instigated the date, then he should pay.

We won’t entirely put the blame on you. In your defense, some women are insulted if men always insist on paying. It may make them feel as if they are being bought or patronized, as if they can’t afford to pay their own way.

From the sound of it, you and this fellow seem to be lacking in basic communication. It may be awkward, but you both need to talk and establish if you are dating or if you really are just friends. Above all, don’t look back on dinner with a sick stomach. Going dutch may indicate to the guy that the two of you were just getting to know one another.

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