Bocce court will be ready for use


Lucas Lopes
Contributing Writer

----------------------Photo by Danny Sauer-------------------- This new bocce court has been under construction for the past few weeks. It is located between the New Residence Hall and the tennis courts.

The many improvements at the University of Dallas have been the topic of much discussion amongst students on campus.

Yet, as it often happens, the hard work put in behind such improvements is often forgotten. One such improvement has been the construction of the bocce court. The court, which is located between the New Residence Hall and the tennis courts, should be completed soon, according to Facilities, which is coordinating the project.

A lot of effort was put into the construction of the bocce court, which recent alumnus and former SG Vice President Nico Montoya hoped would be an attraction that “would tie the Irving campus together with the Rome campus.” Paul Lanari, another recent alumnus, was the first to pitch in the idea.

Yet the construction of a bocce court is not cheap, which seems to be the reason why President Thomas Keefe first rejected the concept.

“We were actually going to give up on it early on,” Montoya said. “Paul convinced us to push for it harder after President Keefe said ‘no’ the first time.”

Besides Montoya and Lanari, other students and faculty, including 2011 graduates Rebecca Stich, Katie Prejean and Angela Menzia, also advocated for the bocce court.

“[They] put in more hours of work than anyone,” Montoya said.

Raising the money was not easy. President Keefe requested that the students raise $12,000 for its construction, most of which the Senior Committee hoped would come from small fundraisers and from donations by parents and alumni.

However, at the time of graduation last May, the Senior Committee did not have the money requested by President Keefe to build the project.

“It left me a bad taste in my mouth,” Montoya said. The Senior Class of 2011 put in one last effort “to raise the missing fifteen hundred dollars.”

Finally when Montoya checked in with the Office of Advancement a week after graduation ceremonies, they had already raised over thirteen thousand dollars.

“I don’t know where that two thousand-plus came from, but I’m extremely grateful,” Montoya said. “And it made for a perfect memory to top off my UD experience.”


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