UD wellness: swimming as fitness


Luke Hollomon
Staff Writer

This week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Dan Schmidt, a sophomore swimmer who lives on campus at the University of Dallas.

LH: First off, can you tell everyone who you are?

DS: I’m Dan Schmidt, a sophomore math and finance major, and I want to go into Actuarial Science.

LH: What is Actuarial Science?

DS: It’s a mathematical science that studies risk in insurance and finance.

LH: That’s really interesting.  To get back to wellness, what did you do as an athlete before UD?

DS: I was a swimmer mainly, but I played various sports:  baseball, basketball and some soccer when I was a kid.  I even did some cross country here at UD.

LH: What do you do for fitness these days?

DS: I swim with a Master’s Swimming club from Dallas.  It’s mostly older people, and you have to be over 18 to participate.  I’m really enjoying it.

LH: Where do you swim?

DS: At a few different pools around town: SMU’s, Baylor Medical School and Highland Park.  It’s with the Dallas Aquatic Masters club, and it’s really cool. There are some Olympians. In fact, my coach won three gold medals in the 1980 Olympics and was the first person to break the 50-second barrier in the 100 Meter freestyle.

LH: Were you a serious swimmer before joining the Master’s Swimming club?

DS: I was, definitely.  I swam in high school, and I went to state and stuff.  It was a big deal for me.

LH: The word on the street is you wear a speedo, is that true?

DS: It’s the only way to go.  Also, I hear that’s what they wear in Italy, so I’m ready.

LH: Has swimming affected more of your life?

DS: Definitely.  It really teaches discipline and time management and has really helped me.

LH: Would you recommend off-campus sports to others?

DS: Sure, if you really love it.  You can always find other sports to fill the time; I just have a real passion for swimming.  You can replace it with other activities if you have to, but I love to swim.

LH: Awesome Dan, thank you very much for talking with me.

DS: No problem, I’m happy to help out.

Wellness tip of the week: Try a new kind of workout swimming at the University Pool, open 12-7 p.m. every day except Sunday.


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