SOM embraces technology, tweets verses


Camille Pecha
Contributing Writer

One Bible verse will be tweeted every 15 minutes – 96 verses in all – on Sept. 30, the feast day of St. Jerome.

Dean of the School of Ministry Dr. Brian Schmisek said that “St. Jerome translated the Bible into Latin, the common language of his day,” and now “we are translating the Bible into Twitter, a common language of our own day.”

The endeavor is in collaboration with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Bishop Kevin Farrell remarked that he is “proud of the University of Dallas School of Ministry.” The “Tweeting” is the most recent example of the School of Ministry’s continual efforts to stay conversant with the times by embracing new media.

As President Keefe puts it, “New methods and new ways of communication are always an opportunity to share the Word of God in a manner that will resonate with the current generation.”

Keefe sums up the situation by saying, “Tweeting the Bible in 2011 is no more revolutionary than the Gutenberg Bible was in 1455.” And how right he is.


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