Charity week is nearly here? INCONCEIVABLE!


Meaghan Colvin
A&E Editor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … well, almost.

--------------------Photo by Danny Sauer-------------------- Senior Forrest Statler, alumnus Michael Davis, seniors Andrew Hertzog and Michael Rutherford work on constructing this year’s Charity Week Jail, a.k.a. The Pit of Despair.

A UD tradition nearly as old as the university itself, Charity Week is primarily coordinated by the junior class.
The events, tied with the “Princess Bride” theme, are “wot bwings us togeder.” For those of you who never understood the impressive clergyman, Charity Week aims to bring the university community together. Traditional events include KAOS, Air Band, The Jail, Family Day, Male Auction, Shave-Off, Booths, Silent Auction and the Semi-Formal dance.

Keep your eyes peeled for new events such as the Faculty Talent Show. Co-Chair Marty Welsh said, “We’re bringing back the professor talent show! It hasn’t been successful in previous years and was absent from last year’s schedule, but this year it should be tons of fun. We already have a great line-up of very talented professors, including Dr. Susan Hanssen, Dr. Bernadette Waterman-Ward and others.” She adds, “Another small difference is that instead of ‘Movie on the Mall,’ we’re going to have ‘Movie in the Hall’ in the New Hall Courtyard.”

Saturday afternoon will offer a brand new event for UD students: The RecSports Charity Challenge.  Daniel Sauer, Recreational Programming Intern, shared more details about this shindig: “Throughout the event we will have a live band, “Old Rasputin,” who will be playing some covers and original tunes. We are starting off the event with a tug of war between Greg and Madonna. At the site we will have a rock wall, pedestal jousting and pumpkin carving.  To top off the event, we will be having a hot dog eating contest on stage for those who want to take up the challenge.”

However, at the heart of Charity Week is the raising of money to donate to national and local charities. Every year between $15,000 and $20,000 is raised through these events and activities and distributed to various charities chosen by the Charity Week committee. The Class of 2013 has decided to contribute and help the White Rose Women’s Center, the Catholic Charities of Dallas Elderly Outreach Program and the poor of South Dallas.

Welsh said, “We’d really like to keep the focus on the charities this year. Both [co-chair] Tara McCrorey and I have noticed in previous years that many students didn’t know or care where the money was going. A particularly embarrassing episode was in my Phil and Eth class during Charity Week last year. We were collecting the money to send Dr. Mirus to jail, and he asked the class what the charities were for that year. Nobody knew all three, and most of the students couldn’t even name one until someone found a flyer in their backpack with them listed. It really hit me and made me sad – there’s nothing charitable about spending money just to get out of class.

“Although every event in Charity Week is fun in itself, everyone participating should understand what the money is going to be used for. This year we’ll have representatives from two of the charities kick off Charity Week with short speeches before Air Band. Hopefully starting off with reminders of the real purpose of all the craziness will give the whole week renewed meaning.”

Check out the calendar of events, and above all else, make sure to enjoy Charity Week “as you wish.”


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