SPUD hard at work planning campus fun


Christine Hardey
Contributing Writer

Student Programming at the University of Dallas (SPUD) provides students with many and varied events throughout the year, from TGITs, to the Groundhog festival, to Mallapalooza and more.  The main goal of the organization is to bring fun to campus (and sometimes off-campus), fun that everyone can enjoy. John “LJ” Norton, Student Government’s vice president in charge of SPUD, answered a few questions for us regarding current and future SPUD goings-on.

CH: How do you feel the SPUD events have been going so far this year?

JN: I have been very happy with our events thus far. The back-to-school picnic at the end of orientation and Greek Fest the following weekend both proved to be highly-attended events.  My hope is that Greek Fest will become a new tradition at UD.  Who doesn’t love free food and good music?  TGIT kicked the year off right with a UD favorite: Blu Pearl.  TGIT Director Bree Adsit estimated close to 700 people at one point.

CH: What is usually your particular favorite SPUD event?

JN: Other than Groundhog, which I firmly believe should be every UD student’s favorite day of the year, I really enjoy Oktoberfest.  I went to the real thing in Munich during my Rome semester, and it’s given me quite a liking for German culture, in particular German beer culture.

CH: Are there any new SPUD events we can watch for this semester?

JN: There are two new events this year that my SPUD directors and I are planning right now: a Logo Contest and a “SPUD Crawl.”  SPUD wants to adopt a permanent logo and is planning to incorporate the entire student body in its design.  The “SPUD Crawl” is an entirely new event that our friends in SG are helping us with.  This event will incorporate all four classes with all kinds of special promotions and refreshments.

CH: How can students get involved with SPUD?

JN: There are all kinds of ways students can work and hang out with the SPUD team.  From setting up sound for TGIT, to taking care of our many entertainers that SPUD brings to campus, all the SPUD directors need help with their events.  The best way to find something you would enjoy is to contact SPUD’s associate director, Kate Papania, at kate@papania.org.  She can point you in the right direction and tell you about all of our volunteer incentives.

CH: What can we expect to see from SPUD this week?

JN: SPUD is in full gear as always with the inaugural Capp House happening this Tuesday evening.  This popular event always has the Cap Bar bursting with music enthusiasts.  On Thursday, TGIT is featuring Justin Grant, and then SPUD’s only Quiz Bowl of the fall semester takes place early Friday evening in the Rathskeller.  Teams can sign up at the door, and the bar will be open.


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