Japanese hotspot: Midori Sushi


Christine Hardey
Contributing Writer

There’s nothing quite like walking into Midori Sushi Japanese Restaurant. To the left of the MacArthur Tom Thumb, this place is practically in UD’s own backyard. The aromas mingle at the tip of your nose – the pure smell of soy from the complimentary miso soup never fails to make me smile.  Sesame, tempura, freshly-steamed crab meat, baked rolls, all of these come together in a harmony akin to the most perfect rendition of Handel’s Messiah.  Olfactory overload was never this sweet.

Senior Monica Gallagher simply puts it: “Midori is a great place to go for delicious sushi on a tight budget.” What’s more, the rolls there are significantly more substantial than ones you’d find at other places.

Don’t like sushi?  Hey, a year ago I’d never eaten it and never thought I’d enjoy it.  Even thinking about eating raw anything made me grimace.  Then my friends convinced me to tag along one Saturday night. It was love at first taste.

I suggest going to the all-you-can-eat lunch buffet if you’re on the fence. Approximately $11.99 per person, you can try various sushi rolls while still enjoying Midori’s other Japanese offerings. They have fried rice and many delicious, non-sushi options to supplement your meal.  If you find yourself anxious about sushi sitting out at a buffet, senior Sarah Willingham will assure you that “there are always three to four sushi chefs on hand continuously providing guests with fresh rolls.” And when you order your own rolls, they’re freshly made just for you.

If you’re a big-time sushi fan, “for the ultimate experience,” Willingham gushes, “Midori has a back room with a traditional Japanese dining table, pillow seats and all.”  This is one of Midori’s best-kept secrets, and you can reserve this room for your group ahead of time free of charge.


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