UD benefits from multi-million Texas fundraiser


José Healy
News Editor

The second biggest fundraising day for the University of Dallas took place last Thursday, Sept. 15, with the third annual North Texas Giving Day, organized by DonorBridge.

Although the final results for UD have not been announced yet, DonorBridge raised $1 million this year in funds to be distributed among more than 700 North Texas non-profit organizations – including UD – that participated in the one-day giving campaign.

Between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Thursday, donors had already given a total of $6.5 million to their non-profits of choice through DonorBridge, an organization that connects donors with non-profits. Last year, North Texas Giving Day reached $5 million in donations, with UD receiving $38,600 from 113 individual donations.

The North Texas non-profits will receive matching funds from the $1 million fund for every donation of $25 or more that was given to them Thursday through the campaign. The $1 million fund will be distributed to each non-profit based on the percentage of the donations that each received from the $6.5 million.

The campaign was scheduled to run from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Thursday, but the organizers extended it until midnight due to a slowdown caused by the large number of users who visited the website that day.

“There was such a huge demand that we extended it till midnight,” said Christine Rogers, spokeswoman of Communities Foundation of Texas, one of the founders of DonorBridge. “We are still working on tallying those figures.”

Rogers said that DonorBridge could announce the outcome of the campaign as early as the end of this week.

UD Director of Annual Giving Jim Livernois said he hopes that UD raised at least as much money as last year but added that the technical difficulties encountered by the website may prevent UD from surpassing last year’s figure.

“I would like to see us do as well as we did last year,” he said. “I would hope we do increase because I think we have to increase our awareness of not only this opportunity but of what we do here at UD.”

The funds that UD secures in this campaign – which largely come from donations from alumni and parents of students – will proceed for the most part to the ‘Cor’ Fund, the fund that supports faculty development, student development, academic scholarships for students and student programming.

In some cases, the donors specified which particular project or program they would like to give their donation to, and the university will honor those requests as much as possible, Livernois said.

The only other single-day event that raises more money for UD is the annual golf tournament, which is organized by the Office of Advancement in the spring. The tournament typically nets in excess of $125,000, said Livernois.

He added that in the future UD’s call center for donations may have days in which it raises more money for the university than the North Texas Giving Day. On average, the Office of Advancement procures on a yearly basis between $1 million and $1.3 million in donations towards the ‘Cor’ Fund.

Livernois said that the prospect of having donations receive matching funds encourages many donors to give to UD during the DonorBridge campaign.

“It’s really a good way for our donors to make their donation go a little bit further,” he said. “We have donors who will take advantage of this and give a thousand or more dollars.”

Organizations such as Communities Foundation of Texas, Hunt Consolidated, The Dallas Foundation and the Center for Nonprofit Management helped to raise the $1 million fund that will be distributed among the non-profits based on the percentage of donations each secured last Thursday.


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