Thu. May 19th, 2022

Kelsey Clary
Contributing Writer

----------------------Photo by Danny Sauer---------------------- Seniors Christian Liebenow, Blaise DuFrain and Kate Papania eat Krispy Kreme donuts with Adrian Ramirez from Career Services. In addition to hosting a series of lectures and guest speakers, Career Services is undertaking to attract students by offering them food and snacks. Last week’s series of presentations was the first career week hosted by the University of Dallas.

In the first Career Services Week in University of Dallas history, the Career Services office hosted a variety of workshops aimed to help students build a résumé, network effectively and land jobs and internships in order to implement their education in the professional world. An average of about 20 students attended each of the events.

The relatively new Career Services staff, Director Julie Janik, Senior Advisor John Christensen and Advisor Adrian Ramirez organized the series of events starting last Monday, which culminated in a panel discussion about finding a career after college.

All week students had the opportunity to listen to presenters and ask questions to representatives from employers such as the Department of Homeland Security, Southwest Airlines, Verizon, Cambium Learning, Aberg Center for Literacy, GE Capital, Deloitte & Touche and Acquire.

In a presentation about finding internships, senior Matthew Champion spoke about his internship with GE Capital Finance in Dallas, where he was one of four students in an internship program of 14 participants that GE Capital asked to come back.

Champion spoke of his experience with the company to a group of 22 students, mostly undergraduates, who gathered in Carpenter Hall last Tuesday to learn about internships and entry-level jobs.

Student reactions to the events were positive.

Although senior Andrew Ludwig had already completed an internship, he said, “I can see how it would be helpful for younger people who were still looking for internships.”

Junior Daniel Janis attended the workshop with Greg Muccio, who leads a team of employees in charge of all short-term staffing at Southwest Airlines.

Janis said about Muccio, “He went beyond what I would have expected.”

Janik was also excited about the week.  She emphasized throughout the week that the purpose of her office is to help students find not just jobs, but their calling in particular professions.

“We believe people can really pursue callings in any field, and they should,” she said.
At his workshops, Muccio said that Southwest looks for individuals searching for more than just a job. He explained to students that Southwest hires based on more than what is found on a résumé.  They seek employees with “a warrior spirit, a servant’s heart and a fun-loving attitude.”

“Our students really do have servants’ hearts,” Janik said.  She is confident in the ability of UD students to earn internships when competing against students from larger schools who are also applying.

“We are relying on you to be yourselves,” she said. “I have never met better communicators than UD students.”

The Career Services Week concluded last Friday with an open house day to meet the staff and enjoy cookies and Krispy Kreme donuts in their office in Augustine Hall.

As Janik explained during the week, Career Services helps students by making referral calls to employers that students simply cannot make. Employers rely on the recommendations of Career Services, which gives an advantage to students who know Career Services staff well.

“There are very few students to whom Career Services cannot be of some benefit,” Janik said.

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