Undergrad enrollment reaches all-time high


Steven Mcdowell
Contributing Writer

Hailing from 42 U.S. states, 255 U.S. cities and nine countries, the 372 members of this year’s incoming freshman class have much to look forward to as they begin their academic careers at the University of Dallas.

The class of 2015 is one of the most academically excellent freshman classes in the university’s history, according to Brooke Dailey, Assistant Vice President of Admission, and John Plotts, Vice President of Enrollment Management.  The freshman class boasts an average GPA of 3.78 and nearly $6 million in scholarships.

In addition, the class of 2015 includes 22 National Merit Finalists, the second highest number of finalists in UD history, and the highest percentage of National Merit Finalists per capita of any Catholic college in the nation. Last year’s freshman class had the biggest number of National Merit Finalists with a total of 23.

Business is currently the most popular declared major, with biology, psychology and English also having a significant number of freshman adherents.

The incoming freshman class is also geographically diverse, with 57% of the freshmen attending UD from outside of the state of Texas.  California boasts the largest number of out-of-state freshmen with 27, followed by Colorado with 13.

Outside of Texas, the most represented metropolitan area is the Washington D.C./Baltimore area with 16 students. There are also 14 international students in the freshman class, including one student from Zimbabwe.

In terms of gender, females account for 57% of the incoming freshmen.  The most common female name is Catherine, while the most common male name is Michael. Unsurprisingly, 83% of the class of 2015 is Roman Catholic.

The 372 members of the class   slightly exceeded the University’s goal of 360 new students.  According to Plotts, in the long term, the university’s goal is “slow, steady growth” facilitated by a high retention rate and the addition of a slightly higher number of incoming freshmen each year.

Indeed, the University of Dallas’ current enrollment includes 1353 undergraduates, an all time high, with 1377 students projected for next year.  However, Plotts added that the university does not intend to “lose the small academic environment and excellent student-faculty ratio” that has been characteristic of the University of Dallas since its inception in 1956.

According to Dailey, while the class of 2015 as a whole is academically outstanding, its members are also “passionate about UD” and excited for the new academic year.

Madonna Hall Resident Assistant Anthony Nguyen, a junior psychology major, said that this year’s freshmen are “very sociable and always seem to be out and about.”

The class of 2015 will begin its time at the University of Dallas with much potential and high expectation for the future.


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