Constantin College hires three new tenure-track professors


Laura Downes
Contributing Writer

In an effort to maintain the small class environment and continue growth in academic excellence, the University of Dallas has hired three new professors for this year who aspire to one day receive tenure: Janette Boazman for education, Kelly Gibson for history and Aida Ramos for economics.

As behooves a person responsible for the education of many students, Boazman has dedicated much time and effort to her own education. She has received three degrees from the University of North Texas, including an M.S. in Educational Psychology and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. She has also taught at the middle, elementary, secondary and college levels over the past 10 years.

Gibson is a recent Ph.D. graduate from Harvard University with a specialization in medieval history. She has language proficiencies in French, German, Spanish, Latin and Old English and has participated in archaeological fieldwork in France and Germany.

Gibson said the opportunity for more intimate discussions with students drew her to UD.

“I didn’t want to teach at a large state university where I would lecture twice a week to 100-plus students and leave all the discussion to teaching assistants,” Gibson said.

She added, “From just my first five classes, I’m very impressed with the students’ enthusiasm for medieval history and their insights into the texts we read.”

For Ramos, the strong sense of community and Catholic identity that she perceived at UD proved attractive.

“The quality of the intellectual life of students and professors here is very high,” she said. “However, the things I am most happy to be a part of here are the strong sense of community and belief in and respect for Catholic teaching and traditions.”

Ramos received her Ph.D. in 2007 from Notre Dame, specializing in history of economic thought and methodology. She has taught economic history, labor, public policy, political economy, Catholic social teaching and economic development.

She has also served two years as the Public Policy Editor for the Journal of the Society of Catholic Social Scientists and has a number of publications in peer-reviewed journals. Her work focuses on applying the principles of economics to inequality, justice and economic development.

Dr. Charles Eaker, the Dean of Constantin College, said he looks forward to “the many contributions these talented faculty will make to the academic life of our campus.”

“The University of Dallas is very fortunate to continue to attract excellent faculty,” he said.


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