East meets West at first UD Greek Fest

Students at Greek Fest
Seniors .....flags.

by Amanda Polewski

The weekend weather seemingly conspired with SPUD to give The University of Dallas students the perfect warm and sunny day for UD’s first Greek Fest, held last Saturday evening on the Tower lawn. Some students put up a volleyball net or played Frisbee; others simply enjoyed the lively atmosphere created by the presence of friends and a mix of traditional Greek and contemporary music. Of course, the main attraction was undeniably the spread of Greek food, which included always-popular gyros, bunches of grapes, and pita with hummus, olive oil and feta for dipping.

Greek Fest was the successful brainchild of new SPUD Director of Social Events, Christine Hardey, whom I had the pleasure of asking the following questions after the event:

What gave you the idea for Greek Fest?

I wanted the SPUD back-to-school event to be on campus this year, since usually we go bowling or skating, and I had to pick a theme. I thought about it for a long time until I remembered some friends and I had discussed how UD needed a Greek celebration sometime during the year.

Do you see Greek Fest becoming a tradition at UD?

I hope so! I think that if this group of UD undergrads enjoyed it, it’s a good idea to keep it up since there’s no tradition at UD comparable to this one. I think everyone liked the food, and it gave the freshman a taste of what they’ll experience on the Greece trip during their Rome semester.

If anything, what would you like to see included in future Greek Fests?

Greek dancing. I think it would have added more of an authentic feel.

Are you happy with the turnout?

I really am! We had more people than I’d expected, and there was a good mixture of lower and upper classmen. The food was gone quickly, so we’ll probably need more food next time, but I think everyone had a good time.

What can we expect to look for next from SPUD social events?

The next one coming up is the Revenge Your Roommate dance, October 28th. It’s a really fun Halloween dance where you set your roommate up with someone – always a blast.


Hopefully undergrads can expect to see future Greek Fests. In the event that we do, a suggestion to next year’s Greek revelers: come early if you want to partake of gyros.

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